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5 Best Bites for a Warm Winter

Written by Raele Sabounjian

February and 70 degrees. After the brutal winter we’ve had this year, we don’t think any New Yorker will say no to this unexpected heat wave, but let’s be real, it’s also a bit bizarre. Just to recap, it snowed 6 inches over the weekend. Yes, last weekend. What does one wear? Do we switch to iced coffee? Does this mean rooftops are permissible again? It’s honestly very confusing.

But one thing we can find comfort in is that there is always food fit for every season and weather moment, especially on our menu. Check out our top 5 best bites that will feel like a touch of spring, even when it’s not!

  1. Avocado Toast on 7-Grain Toast – Green, light, healthy, fresh. If this doesn’t scream spring, we don’t know what does. Plus, it’s a great breakfast or afternoon snack option.
  2. Smoked Salmon on Pumpernickel Points – Also light, delicious, and colorful! A great add-on to any meal, and it with its pastel hues, it actually looks like spring too.
  3. Farro Salad with Mint Pesto, Pistachios, and Parmesan – The mint in this salad gives it a light and playful flavor, but the farro is actually quite filling. A yummy vegetarian option or just a great side for lunch!
  4. Coconut-Covered Chocolate Marshmallow Skewers – No better way to introduce spring or summer than with a dash of coconut. These marshmallow skewers are always a hit, and they will especially compliment this random winter heat wave.
  5. Fruit Skewers –Again, always a solid choice - skewers in general are festive and very warm-weather friendly. So a skewer of fruit is obviously healthy, fun, looks cute, and gives off all the spring vibes!

So, NYC, enjoy this warm weather while it lasts and eat something that feels like spring, even if you’re wearing your winter boots with a t-shirt!

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