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90’s Throwback Party

It’s no surprise that one of New York City’s top PR agencies wanted to plan a 90’s throwback holiday party. Really, what is more fun than celebrating a decade built on ridiculously fantastic music with a generation dressed in metallic fabrics, sequins and neon everything.

Always up for a challenge, Robyn Fruchterman, Deborah Miller Catering’s Director of Events and Conceptual Design sat down with the CEO’s assistant for an imaginative brain storming session for the 900-person event. Design ideas were tossed around and Robyn did what she does best, she took the theme and ran. Robyn wanted the guests to immediately enter and be embraced by the 90’s. She created a slinky installation at the entry draping 400 Neon colored Slinky’s from the ceiling and cascading them from pole to pole to create a daze of slinky madness.
The Slinkys proved as hypnotic as the Delorean from Back to the Future and once the guests entered the main room, there was no doubt that they had stepped back in time. A 15-foot tree, decorated in florescent pink flowers with green & yellow bow ties towered above the bar, a powerful focal point mesmerizing the guests towards the dance floor.

As the dance music swept thru the crowd, guests sung along to 90’s tunes and each song produced a powerful wave of smiles which led to more dancing and ultimately, hungry dancers. Throughout the room, Robyn designed food stations to celebrate different New York City neighborhoods. At the start of each buffet station was a graffiti designed menu announcing the menu items. The guests traipsed between Jackson Heights, Chinatown, the Upper East Side and the West Village.

The West Village Bar Grub station was a crowd favorite. A decadent assortment of sliders was presented on tiers including classic cheeseburgers, slow cooked BBQ pulled pork sliders and pesto turkey burgers with roasted tomato aioli and buffalo mozzarella. Silver tins splattered with paint sat on the upper tier flowing with homemade rosemary potato chips.

From the West Village, guests traveled south to Chinatown for authentic Chinese favorites. The buffet was set up to celebrate the bigness of NY with giant Chinese food containers filled with fortune cookies and 6-foot chopsticks as the centerpiece. Positioned alongside the chopsticks were traditional woks full of dumplings in a soy glaze, sesame ginger shrimp skewers and chicken satays with spicy peanut sauce.

It was extravagance throughout the ballroom, as only the 90’s could produce, with a salad-tini bar representing the Upper East side. Kale jalapeno salad & quinoa, radicchio, asparagus and cucumber salad alongside a harvest mixed greens offered healthy choices to those seeking greens. The various salad vehicles combined with the colorful ingredients created a display that looked almost too good to eat.

And just as the guests thought it couldn’t get any better, they were greeted by a Lower East Side inspired sweet stop on the way out. Alongside the candy bar featuring blow pops, runts and fun dip sat a cookie display summing it up all up in beautiful simplicity.

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