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An Office Party for Watermelons

On August 3rd, watermelon lovers everywhere celebrated National Watermelon Day by consuming the refreshing summery fruit in all forms. These informal “national holidays” surrounding food have become a trend over the last few years, especially because of social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. What better way to promote a brand or product if you are a food-related business, or stay relevant with friends and colleagues by posting a fun picture of your celebratory meal? Whether it’s National Pizza Day, Taco Day, or Cookie Day, essentially every food group is covered these days, and we at Deborah Miller Catering know how to curate the right menu and décor for these popular “holidays!”

One of our clients wanted to throw such a party on National Watermelon Day to promote a watermelon juice drink that they are marketing to the public. The drink has gained significant popularity lately, and the agency wanted to make sure all its internal staff had an opportunity to try the drink and know what they are selling! They reached out to the DMC events team to create a fun menu and look that pairs with the summery vibe of the drink and is suitable for a Friday afternoon snack. They absolutely wanted everything to look great while remaining casual and not very overdone, as they were going for a “picnic” theme to complement the watermelon celebration.

Our menu for this event consisted of delicious and satisfying finger foods from “The Big Easy”snack package, including Mini Crab Cakes, Mini Lobster Rolls,Shrimp Cocktail, Old Bay Potato Chips with Onion Dip, Fried Artichoke Bites, and more. The picnic theme was conveyed easily with these unique food items, rather than basic sandwiches and salads that one would see anywhere. We brought seven red and green tubs to chill the client’s juice product, which made for a very fun and festive watermelon-y look. Each of the 7 tubs had a different flavor of the WTRMLN WTR product, and guests were instructed to pour themselves shots of the beverages so they could properly taste each one. Whatever flavor they liked the most, they could keep and drink throughout the afternoon. It was very interactive and fun for everyone and was also a great way to ensure the product was front and center.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a true watermelon party without actual watermelons! Individual to-go containers of watermelon cubes were laid out on the table as a sweet and guilt-free snack. Watermelons are 92% water, so no calorie-counting needed here! The room was decorated with green, white, red, and pink balloons, and red and checkered tablecloths were placed on each table to really make the event feel like a picnic. It was the perfect summertime event for a Friday afternoon, promoting a watermelon-based product on a day celebrating watermelons.

The fun aspect about food holidays is that they’re not meant to be taken too seriously but are a great reason to have an office gathering on a random day. The team at Deborah Miller Catering will not only put together a menu that incorporates the specific food item, but can also help with decorations and other aspects of your event to truly make it look and feel authentic. Hint: National Lemonade Day is coming up on August 20th, so call us for a fun citrus-oriented summer soirée!!

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