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Wine Pairings You Have Been Doing All Wrong

Deb’s Catering is ecstatic to announce that after 19 years catering throughout the city, we have recently acquired a full liquor license. In addition to offering our clients custom menus and personalized event planning services, we can now round out our menu of amenities by offering our clients the choice of a wine & beer or full bar for their next event.

As flavor enthusiasts, we enjoy helping clients pick wines that will elevate the flavors in a particular dish.   This sounds simple but pairing wine with food in the wrong way can obliterate the ethereal taste of a perfectly built hors d’oeuvre.     One common misconception is the more you spend, the better the wine.   Not true, as there is an art to choosing the right vintage for a particular dish and it is not dictated by cost alone.

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Basic Wine and Food Pairing Tips

There are classic mistakes that can be avoided in pairing wine and food, and it doesn’t require a Sommelier to avoid the basic mishaps.

  • Dessert and bubbly is a frequent wine and food-pairing mistake.   Champagne is tart and cake is sweet and the combination of these flavors sends signals of distress from the taste buds.     To do Champagne properly, try sipping it with a delicious with Asian flavored dishes. Enjoy a sip as it elegantly cuts through spices common in these dishes.
  • Beware of Chardonnay! Once the white wine of choice, this white grape aged in oak can have an over powering oak flavor if paired with heavy meats and spicy.     In lieu of serving Chardonnay with heavy meats, pair this white wine with a dish featuring a cream sauce. The sauce will blunt the edges of the vino.
  • Pinot Grigio, Not your winter white!   Pinot Grigio is a popular white, often chosen for being light and delicate. For this reason, don’t serve Pinot with heavy rich dishes, enjoy its flavor with dishes as delicate as the wine itself.
  • Red Wine and Sushi don’t mix!   Avoid pairing red wine with sushi.       The wine makes the fish taste terrible and vice versa.

Wine Serving Basics

And don’t forget the basics of wine;

  • Don’t over chill or over warm your wine.     Over chilling tamps down aromoas and flavors and over warming (storing wine around 75 degrees) will create a complicated and volatile environment for its compounds.
  • Let your wine breath – fresh air will allow the wine to breath and stimulate the aromas and soften tannins
  • Use the right glass. Enjoying wine from the proper glassware can make wine more enjoyable.     For example, a glass with a large bowl allows you to swirl a rich red wine, which can make it easier to enjoy.

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Make Sure Your Wine Complements Your Food

When pairing food and wine, take the time to choose the right combination. Focus on the characteristics you want to champion.   Avoid wines that will fight the food, focus on a wine that will uplift the flavors and deliver a euphoric punch of flavor.     As a general rule, the wine should be sweeter then the food.     If wine is less sweet the food it is being served with, it tends to taste tart. Case in point – Port Wine.

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