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Talk to a Professional When Catering Your Office Party

When planning an office party, make sure to consult with a professional corporate catering company to avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes. Not only are the menu and beverages a critical component to a successful event, but also a corporate catering company can help make the party a success by asking critical questions at the onset. Planning a corporate event has its own set of rules and regulations, especially when catering in NYC and dealing with landlords, insurance requirements and freight elevators. Don’t underestimate the complexity of the bureaucracy!

Table Set Up

When Deb’s Catering plans an office party, one of our primary goals is to make an appointment and visit the client to see the space as soon as the planning begins. One of our event specialists will walk into a space, scan the room with our expert eyes and thus the seed for a successful event has been planted. We assess room configuration, available serving surfaces, emergency doors that cannot be blocked, proximity to the freight elevator, garbage/ recycling stations (to name a few) which ultimately helps us achieve the ideal set up to pass hors d’oeuvres and avoid a bottle neck at the bar. How can we do this? Because it’s our business, it’s what we do, and with experience comes wisdom and insight. Don’t learn through the school of hard knocks, call Deb’s Catering!

Bar Setup

Unfortunately not all of our clients heed our warning.   Some have planned successful home events and try their luck at office parties. Ultimately, some critical aspect is overlooked and they have a Eureka moment – “Why am I trying to plan this myself. I should call a catering company who is familiar with corporate catering in New York City.” This moment is often followed by a quick survey of colleagues who recommend Deb’s and thus the stress is alleviated.

Some of the most common event planning pitfalls we witness:

  • A client plans a food delivery but freight elevator is closed and the building management will not allow any deliveries through the main lobby
  • 200 guests arrive on a snowy night but there are no coat racks or coat check
  • The client orders their own beverages but the building shuts down the party because there is no liquor liability insurance
  • The client orders hot food but the building prohibits sternos so the fire marshall is called and the hot food has to be served cold
  • Multiple coffee makers are plugged in and a fuse blows during a C-level presentation. No coffee, no electricity!

The next time you are planning a corporate event, call Deb’s. We make sure each and every event is a raging success, regardless of its size or complexity. We make it our job to dot every I, cross every T and allow you to enjoy an event without any of the stress. Whether it is catering for a small cocktail party or a themed event, Deb’s Catering is the ace in your back pocket. Planning a last minute event, don’t fear. While we love receiving notice, last minute events are our specialty. We can move mountains and plan large cocktail events, brainstorming sessions, board meetings and town hall meetings on extremely short notice. We monitor our emails 24 hours a day and are accessible on the weekends.

Taco Bar with Chafing Dishes

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