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Countdown to Memorial Day Weekend

Countdown to Memorial Day Weekend

Well, it’s finally here. We somehow made it through this year’s brutal and never-ending winter, and Memorial Day Weekend, the official kick-off to summer, is now just a few days away. This means the beginning of summer travel, Summer Fridays, and of course, summer food. Memorial Day Weekend and celebrating summer in general is so much about the food and drinks that complement the season. Whether it’s drinking a cool glass of rosé on a hot summer day, to grilling in the backyard on a weekend, having the right summer food is key.

At Deborah Miller Catering, we know how to create a menu that celebrates Memorial Day Weekend and initiates the summer season. Read on to see some food and beverage ideas from our menu and that are perfect for MDW and the next 3 months!

    1. Mini Lobster Rolls –People usually don’t say no to anything that has to do with lobster and seafood during this time of year. Our mini rolls are delicious, so New England (perfect for those road trips up North), and light and tasty.

    1. Harvest Mixed Green Salad – Because it’s healthy. It’s as simple as that. You could have 10 burgers at a party, but have a little salad on the side and you automatically feel better about yourself during bathing suit season. Our medley of cranberries, seasoned walnuts, and goat cheese makes for a fresh and fun taste.
    2. Strawberry-Mint Infused Water –so delicious, cooling, and refreshing. This concoction adds a fun twist to plain old regular water and makes for a great non-alcoholic drink as well. Tip: order it in a mason jar to be extra cute/summery.

  1. Mini Sliders –this is a no-brainer for so many reasons. Barbequing and grilling is an American tradition during summer months, which kicks off on Memorial Day Weekend of course. A burger fresh off the grill is what summer dreams are made of, so you can bet that our mini cheeseburger sliders are going to be on this list. Cute, tiny, yet so tasty; ordering these for your next event will be so fitting to introduce the summer season.
  2. Individual Yogurt Shots –Another light and tasty option that can double as a dessert or a breakfast, in our opinion! These shots are drizzled with honey and mixed berries, and are flavorful yet also delicious. They’re the perfect amount of sweet when you’re not trying to go heavy on your sugar count.
  3. Deviled Egg Sampler – A mix of classic deviled eggs and chipotle-powdered deviled eggs, this sampler is honestly good for any time of year, but we especially love it for a summer cocktail party or afternoon snack. Once again, they’re cute, small, and not too heavy on the stomach. Save the heavy stuff for the grill.

Summer is a favorite season for so many. Everyone has permission to slow down a bit, spend some more time with friends and family, enjoy the gorgeous weather, take a trip or two, and just relax. Kick off this upcoming long weekend with the right snacks and bites from DMC, and you’ll be on the right track to make it an amazing summer. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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