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Food Trends to Watch in 2015

New York City is all about trends - New Yorkers love change, evolution, and the old that is now new. At Deb’s, we are energized by change; we are fueled by food. While NYC temperatures still hover at freezing, we have had a lot of time to bunker down in our kitchen and play with new recipes and emerging food trends.

Cauliflower is the new Kale

white, green and purple cauliflowerWith vegetables like kale taking the forefront of trending in 2014, our staff took to the kitchen to experiment for our 2015 catering menus with cauliflower. Cauliflower is an amazing food and has quietly sat on the sideline for years as a nice roasted vegetable or crudité option, but those days are gone – cauliflower is now the new kale in food trends! There is so much that can be done with cauliflower, its versatility endless and its creative genius barely tapped. For 2015, cauliflower will be taking the star role in many of our vegetarian dishes from pizza crust to a mashed potato substitute to an Alfredo cream substitute.

Matcha Green Tea Powder: the Latest Health Trend

matcha green tea powderThe trend for healthy food keeps climbing to new heights as we look internationally for new healthy options. Each country, culture, and climate has its fair share of healthy powders and proteins. Hemp, flax seeds and chia seeds have all found a place in our recipes and this year we’re working on incorporating Matcha tea powder into our catering recipes. Matcha is a fine green tea powder that is now a staple in health food stores. Its super strong green gives natural energy and supports the body. The health benefits of Matcha tea are supreme: it’s green tea on steroids… think Matcha Yogurt Breakfast Bowl, Matcha Pancakes and Matcha Smoothies.

Pickled and Fermented Foods

pickled vegetablesAnd our favorite food trend for 2015? Pickling! This will be our year to test and tweak our pickling recipes. While pickling is not a new fad, it is one that fosters creativity and we are enjoying reviving these ancient fermenting practices in lower Manhattan, an area of the city teaming with history and on the forefront of restaurant food trends and catering trends. Pickling is inventive, there is very little you can’t pickle – from jalapenos to beet tops. Some of our more inventive pickle concoctions include using strong and aromatic flavors that surprise the palate. Ginger is one of our go-to pickling flavors and we’ve been experimenting with different pickling vinegars. During the peak of peach season last summer, we used peaches to infuse a fruit flavor into that week’s batch of pickled products. The shelves of our new commissary kitchen will soon be filled with pickled sea beans, pickled sweet corn, pickled grapes and pickled tomatoes. We will unleash our pickled flavors to spring salads, soufflés, and seafood and meat dishes to add an unexpected punch for 2015’s latest food trend.

Brunch and Binner

Anpancakes with fruitd who could not fall in love with the Brunch and Binner (breakfast for lunch and breakfast for dinner) food trend? We’ve found that comforting breakfasts are a great way to break up the monotony of sandwiches and typical office catering while still keeping the employees happy! Who hasn’t snuck a bowl of cereal for dinner at one time or another? Brunch and Binner is not new, but it is still an untapped theme in the corporate catering world and our most popular brunch lunch item includes a lush office catering buffet of gourmet quiche with wild mushrooms and goat cheese, hand mixed pancakes with decadent toppings, thick slices of organic bacon served with a gorgeous selection of thick Artisanal breads and dark roast coffee.

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