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New Sandwiches Have Arrived!

Smoked Turkey with Jarlsburg Cheese, Upland Cress, Marinated Cucumbers, and Thyme Aioli on Ciabatta

Above: Smoked Turkey with Jarlsburg Cheese, Upland Cress, Marinated Cucumbers, and Thyme Aioli on Ciabatta


Infinitely portable, variable, and satisfying, it is no surprise that sandwiches are consumed by nearly 50% of Americans every day. Deborah Miller Catering’s clients are no exception: ordering an average of 150 sandwiches daily. As we continue to change and grow, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our menu to make ordering from us an unforgettable experience. We saw that sandwiches, however popular before, were a place where we could get extremely creative. Whether our clients wanted to satisfy a hunger for a childhood classic (like our new Fresh Roast Turkey Sandwich with Swiss Cheese, Lettuce, and Tomatoes) or expand their palates (with our Roast Chicken Bahn Mi), we wanted to write a sandwich menu that would satisfy all palates and dietary restrictions.

Portobello with Sweet Carrot Spread, Umami Napa Salad, and Kewpie Mayonnaise on Ciabatta

Portobello with Sweet Carrot Spread, Umami Napa Salad, and Kewpie Mayonnaise on

How hard could developing new sandwiches be? They have a simple formula: good bread and a little imagination when it comes to filling. Alas, despite the sandwich’s simplicity, overhauling our sandwich program took our chefs nearly two months (and several taste tests) before we could roll out twelve new sandwiches. One of our Sous Chefs, Max, let me in on the process:

1.) The chefs sat down and conceptualized what kinds of sandwiches they liked to eat on their own time. Each chef came up with a few ideas that listed meats, cheeses, vegetables, condiments, and even the type of bread.
2.) The chefs took these ideas and looked at each sandwich from a production perspective: how easy are these sandwiches to produce, how easy are its components to source, and does it taste fantastic?
3.) The chefs sourced ingredients and taste tested components individually, a process that took a month alone.
4.) They drew up recipe templates and initial prep lists using the previously mentioned ingredients.
5.) Finally, the chefs could taste the first round of sandwiches. This involved building sandwiches together while actively discussing and recording thoughts and ideas (all while enjoying a cold beer, of course!)
6.) Using the adjusted recipes from Step 5, the chefs worked with our sandwich team to build four types of each sandwich. The rest of the office was lucky enough to be a part of this taste test.
7.) Finally, we wrote up new menus and production forms and were ready to put these new sandwiches on the menu.

sandwich platterAfter two long months, we finally have a sandwich menu that is anything but ordinary. There is a Tomato and Mozzarella Sandwich with Black Pepper Aioli, an homage to the sandwiches from our Sous Chef’s childhood, as well as a Roast Chicken Bahn Mi, a take on the popular Vietnamese sandwich. Each sandwich is creative, flavorful, deeply satisfying, and sure to impress at any event.


Written by Maile Hamilton

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