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Planning a Corporate Holiday Party

A holiday season which seemed so far off in the dog days of summer is now upon us, just moments around the corner. With Thanksgiving just next week, the mad dash is on to plan corporate holiday parties. While our larger clients have sealed their December destinies many moons ago, the small to mid-size companies are still out seeking corporate holiday party ideas and shopping venues, planning menus and locking in great DJ’s. The moment to plan is now.

At this stage in the game, the bulk of the inquiries we receive at Deborah Miller Catering are for companies in the range of 100 – 350 people looking to plan a holiday party to remember. The trend these days is to take the corporate holiday party out of the office and out of traditional catering spaces and bring the companies twist and personality to an off-site space. Some lean towards funk, others lean toward sophisticated elegance, but all want to indulge their employees in a memorable evening of food, drink and conversation to thank them for a year of hard work.

While we love wild extravagance, we also respect the budget. Last year’s festivities took us around the world from a tasting menu featuring China, Mexico, Asia and the Americas in a midtown dance club to an Andy Warhol themed event at a loft in Dumbo. The spark of imagination for each event generates with the companies’ corporate holiday party ideas and then our creative forces take it from there and spin a tale to remember.

The best way to begin the process is to come to us with some tried and true parameters. During our initial conversation, we will ask how many guests you will be hosting, your estimated budget, geographic parameters and menu requests (cocktail party / buffet / seated dinner or any rendition, combination thereof). And the end all and be all question- what’s the date of your corporate holiday party?!


When planning a corporate holiday party, budget is always a consideration. While everyone wants to do it to the nine’s, one of the biggest event expenses is staff. One way to scale back on that cost is to plan a stationary menu with a focus on creative stations. This season our clients have been enjoying mashed potato bars, a classic pretzel and homemade pickle station and the forever favorite taco and slider bar. To amp it up to the next level, adding some passed hors d’oeuvres is always a nice twist and it can be complimented by a wine and beer bar with a whimsical cocktail or a full open bar if that’s in the cards.

Ambiance can differ based on venue choice and as for venue choices, the options are there. There are obvious lofts, secret retail showrooms that convert to party spaces, spectacular venues with views of this great metropolis and down and dirty bars and clubs. Deborah Miller Catering offers a sneak at some of our favorite spaces on our website.

Our advice – pick up the phone and call us. While email is handy and online submissions quick, the best way to really get the process moving is a phone call. Let’s talk and together we will plan a 2018 corporate holiday party to remember!

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  2. Planning food for an event does seem like a difficult thing to do. I liked your suggestion about trying to get some different food from different countries. So, it seems like it would be smart to get a professional to help with the catering.

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