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Seven Unique Food Combinations to Welcome Summer

Watermelon Skewer


2020 has been an incredibly bizarre year, to say the least, and somehow, we are already halfway through it. As we kick off July and the peak of summer approaches, we wanted to share some of our favorite seasonal summer food pairings that we love to cook with and serve. Some of these combinations are a little unpredictable, which makes them even more exciting and interesting to try out. 

Catering and events may be non-existent right now, but we are sure that you are cooking more than ever at home, and perhaps still hosting some small gatherings with your Quarantine Crew. Read on to discover seven delicious summery food combinations to keep your temperature cool and your palette satisfied!



  • Watermelon & Feta – this is a classic Mediterranean combo that practically screams summer. The sweetness of watermelon paired with the salty flavor and soft texture of feta makes for a refreshing sweet and savory duo. What’s also great about this combination is that it can be served at any time of day. Craving a cool morning snack? This hits the spot. Looking for a colorful, light summer side salad to serve with your main course? This will absolutely please the masses. 




  • Pork & Pineapple – This is right up the alley of those who love Hawaiian-style pizza. Once again, two completely opposite flavors and textures tend to pair well when it comes to food, and this combo is no exception. Cook pork crumbles and pineapple chunks on a cheesy pizza, or go for something more creative and serve this pairing on a summer kabob! It’ll make for a great seasonal summer appetizer that’s fun to prepare as well. 




  • Spinach & Strawberry – We love this light combination for a healthy summer salad on a hot afternoon. It’s a great healthy option that will fill you up when the air is so humid that you can’t imagine eating anything remotely heavy. Pro tip: Throw in some walnuts and sliced red onions for a little extra crunch! Not only will these add ons provide an interesting dimension and texture, but they will also give each bite a surprising burst of flavor.




  • Apricot Jam & Brie Cheese – To be honest, this pairing of spreads is popular and totally appropriate for any time of year, not only for summer. But there’s just something different about enjoying it on a hot day with a cold iced tea or lemonade to wash it down, isn’t that right? This is another sweet and salty combination that glides like butter on toast, crackers, even breakfast pastries. We love serving it on croissant sandwiches as part of our breakfast catering options, and it’s a hit as a vegetarian summer option for any kind of breakfast or brunch that needs a meat-free yet interesting item.




  • Spiced Fish & Mango – Fish is obviously a summer staple, and so is mango. But combining the two foods together? A double win, of course! Spice your fish of choice (we recommend a white fish) with bold flavors like cumin, turmeric, and chili flakes, and pair it with cool slices of mango for an exciting mix of flavors that is sure to impress your taste buds and the taste buds of your guests. 




  • Chargrilled Chicken & Grapes - We love these two together because they merge fairly simple ingredients to make a truly mouthwatering combo. The texture of the grapes in particular gives chicken, which let’s face it, can sometimes be a bit dull, an exciting kick of crunch and flavor. Throw it on a fresh summer salad or incorporate it as part of an entrée for a summer medley you’ll recreate for many summers to come. 




  • Peaches & Prosecco – Is there anything more decadent than this pairing on a hot summer night? We suggest soaking the peaches in honey and prosecco for an hour and serving this as a delectable dessert. Top it off with shreds of basil to give it something extra special. Or, you can simply serve flutes of your favorite prosecco with a peach slice right in the glass! It’s summer, after all; traditional rules are out the window from June through August. 



We hope you’ll try one of these combinations the next time you’re looking for something new and can’t imagine eating another caprese salad (no offense to caprese salads). Yes, a few of them might surprise you, but then again, it is 2020, so a little unpredictability is actually very on brand for this energy of this year. Enjoy!

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