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Summer Events in Unique Locations

Summer Events in Unique Locations & What to Keep in Mind

Even though summer does not technically start until June 21st, we all know that Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start to this fabulous season, and anything from now until Labor Day can be considered summer without judgment. It’s a season for relaxing, vacationing, spending some extra time with loved ones, pursuing hobbies and interests that other times of year are too busy for, and of course, throwing fun summer parties.

As the weather warms up in New York, everyone, and I mean everyone, wants to take advantage of being outside any time they can. From the beautiful weather to the great photo ops there are outdoors vs. indoors, and the relatively short amount of time New Yorkers have to embrace the heat in general, it’s no surprise that so many summer events are held outdoors. Whether it’s an office picnic at the park, a social weekend event on a ship or a boat cruise, or a corporate gathering on a high-rise rooftop – the possibilities are endless.

The Deborah Miller Catering Events team is no stranger to these unique event locations and the requests that come with them. When we ask a client “what’s the location of your event?”, the answer “an unmarked tent smack in the middle of Central Park” is not shocking to us. With that said, there are a slew of different factors to keep in mind when the venue or location of an event is in a unique location or area, and a variety of things both we and the client need to prepare for.

One of the first things that should be on the discussion table is proper staffing. When one is working with an open space like a park or a boat, it’s crucial to think about the staff one will need to direct the guests and manage the overall area. For example, if your event is on a boat or a ship, how will your guests know which entrance to board the boat? How will tourists in the area know that the boat is closed for a private event? If the boat is sailing during the event, who will be available to make sure the food trays are not sliding around and are safely secured? Staff is key to any kind of outdoor event, and the more you have, the better.

Another thing that’s super important to consider when planning for an event outdoors is the kinds of rentals you will need for the space. This may seem like a no-brainer; rentals are already based on the space where the event is being held right? Well, yes, but when working in an area like a park or a rooftop, there are additional things to think of that may not be as obvious. For example, a tent in a park may have some tables already for food set up, but absolutely no garbage bins or cans in sight, something you may not even think of renting for an indoor event. A rooftop may have the perfect view of the Empire State Building and be ideal for that upscale corporate party, but could very well not allow any glassware on the premises, which might not be what a client wants to hear if they want something more elevated. The sooner a walk-through of the space or location is arranged, the more accurate the rental estimate will be!

Finally, the last thing that is very important to keep in mind when planning an event in an outdoor location is the overall logistics of delivery and pick up. It’s by far the least glamorous part of the job, but when it’s not as cut and dry as a corporate building or private residence in the city (even those can be pretty complicated to get in and out of!), it’s imperative to have all the necessary information ironed out. What time will delivery be? How can our truck and our delivery guys get on the boat or into the park? Does the vehicle need a special pass for entry? How will the rental company get their rentals up to a rooftop? Is there an additional fee that needs to be factored in for the potential additional labor? Does anyone need to be present on sight to meet the rental company when they drop off or pick up?

Event planning is fun and fast-paced, especially in a city like New York, but more than anything else, it’s about communication and attention to detail. It is so exciting to have a client host an event in a unique place outdoors and to execute their summery vision. As long as you have the necessary details in order to make everything a raving success, you will be good to go!

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