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Wedding Catering: Stations, Buffets, Desserts and What you Need to Know

Buffet Setup

Debs Catering is celebrating nearly 20 years catering New York City weddings.  Our food has been coined, big city homemade, as we find our inspiration exploring the colors, flavors and textures throughout this city along with adding a handmade touch to everything we do.  Deborah Miller is our executive chef and a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America - many of the recipes we use are her personal recipes!  Our brides and grooms love our creativity and our exceptionally devoted kitchen staff who is always tracking what is trending and experimenting with creativity and ways to inspire.

Our first question to potential wedding clients is, “What is your vision?” It’s a simple question that sparks conversation and enthusiasm. Soon the ideas are flowing and the beginnings of a menu are drafted. Our passion is to create a menu that melds the couple’s ethnicity with favorite foods, blended with a room design that celebrates their lifestyles and passions. We do this through menu planning, room design and cocktail consultations. We weave the couple’s personality through the planning and the end result is always a vision of love brought to life.

Using Stations For A Uniquely Catered Wedding Reception

Traditional, sit-down wedding receptions with full service catering remain a cornerstone of the wedding industry, but the modern New York City bride is often interested in exploring a more casual dining atmosphere where guests can mingle, chit chat and dine throughout the evening.  For those that desire to take the road less traveled, wedding stations are the ideal alternative to sit down catering service.  At these alternative style receptions, cocktails flow freely all evening as stations and mini buffets scattered throughout the reception area keep conversation abuzz as the guests sample different combinations of food textures, flavors and cuisines hand chosen by the bride and groom. We make the event personal! Small clusters of seating arrangements are scattered throughout the space so wedding guests can write their own roadmap to the night.

Dessert Station

What you need to know about the New York City Cocktail Wedding Reception

Simply stated stations, buffets, and dessert tables are wonderful ways for couples to express themselves and are increasing in popularity.  Some couples choose to do a themed table celebrating their heritage, others chose to do a mini station that reminds them of their first date, while others just love the idea of variety and sprinkle the entire wedding reception hall with catering stations: sushi, a martini mashed potato bar, tacos and tequila and s’mores made to order, a mixture of eclectic catering cuisine as unique as the city itself.  We recently catered a wedding for a couple celebrating 20 years together and they chose to do a dessert celebration. The focal point of the evening was a magnificent dessert table where the 50 guests gathered as the grooms made a champagne toast to one and other.  Classic jazz guitar played in the background and the reception was so “them!” To all those celebrating, the evening resonated with their flair, character and love for each other.

Cake and flowers

Each wedding catering menu, station or buffet can be as unique as the people planning it.  The creative catering options are endless and stations offer wonderful ways to make it truly personal.

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