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Big City. Homemade Business. We wake up early. We play with food. We love what we do. The most important ingredient in making a company is its people. For 2 decades, we have been a family focused on feeding New York City. We never stop searching the local streets for the latest ingredients, colors and trends, so we can deliver our whimsical creations to you. Our mission is simply to captivate, charm, create and take pleasure in serving you.


Deborah Miller grew up with the sights and smells of food all around her. From her mother’s family dinners to her father’s greasy spoon restaurant, Deborah’s culinary enthusiasm began as a young child. She entered the kitchen at age 13, where she would wake up at 3:30am to work side by side with her dad at his busy Manhattan luncheonette.

After high school, Deborah travelled throughout Europe where she explored many different cuisines. It was there that she discovered her passion for combining and fusing interesting flavors. She graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and eventually took over her father’s coffee shop, transporting it into a local neighborhood staple for delicious, fresh, inspiring food.

Today Deborah Miller Catering & Events builds upon the roots and history of the past using personal recipes and handmade combinations to produce elegant yet playful food for you.

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Meet the team


Robyn Fruchterman
Director of Marketing & Events

Danny Klein
Account Executive

Jillian Klein
Director of Operations

Betty Lee
Director of Finance

Emily Lubin
Account Executive

Lauren McGeough

Deborah Miller

Michael Ross
Event Planner & Designer

Walter Pietro
Sous Chef
Michael Wendt
Executive Chef
Gregorio_Sous ChefGregorio Tepi
Sous Chef
Hector Zambrano
Delivery Manager