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Nourishing Hearts and Souls

Volunteering at God’s Love We Deliver! At Deborah Miller Catering & Events, we know that good food brings joy, and we are committed to providing delicious joy...

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Special Occasions, Weddings

Engagement Party Catering Ideas

Engagement parties are the perfect time to share the story of your proposal, celebrate with friends and family, and take the time to enjoy your engagement. You...

Mini Reubens, Nytimes NYC Catering

Their Holiday Parties Are Just Getting Restarted

Originally published by The New York Times By Julia Rothman and Shaina Feinberg Last year, most company holiday parties took place virtually. This year, with vaccinations more...

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Corporate Holiday Catering

Office Holiday Parties Ideas: Catering & More

If you’re looking to revamp your company’s culture and identity, look no further than your annual holiday party. A well-done and memorable corporate holiday party is an...

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New Year's Eve Catering
Special Occasions

7 Tips for Hosting a New Year’s Eve Party

It’s long been said that New Year’s Eve is like Summer Vacation for adults: an invitation for extravagant indulgence in all things fun. In addition to holiday...

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