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Administrative Professionals Day

A Modern Way to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day

Every year during the last full week of April, organizations around the country and the world take the time to honor National Secretaries’ Day, now better known as Administrative Professionals Day. It’s a week-long celebration with a commemorative day that falls on the Wednesday of said week, and though it has come with its fair share of criticism over the years, companies are finding ways each year to make it a modern and fun celebration for the office.

Administrative Professionals Day started with the founding of the National Secretaries Association in 1942 in the United States, during World War II. There was a shortage of secretaries and administrative support staff in offices during this time, due to birth-rate decline after the Great Depression, and booming business towards the end of the war that attracted people to other job offerings. The association was founded as a way to support current the administrative staff, give them credit for their work, and assist them with career development. It was also meant make the administrative industry look more attractive, and draw newcomers to the workforce into this field.

By 1952, the first “National Secretaries’ Week” was honored during a full week of celebrations in June, which was eventually moved to a week in mid-April instead. Secretaries and administrative professionals received flowers, cards, lunches, and other gifts as a sign of gratitude from their superiors. By 1988, the name of the association was changed to International Association of Administrative Professionals, and the name of the “holiday” was changed to Administrative Professionals Day.

The commemoration has come with its fair share of judgment over the years, mainly because it has appeared to be demeaning to those in the position, which historically has been occupied by women. The various gifts a secretary might receive - flowers, teddy bears and what not - also had a bit of a feminine flair, which further contributed to the stereotype and stigma. But as the job market continues to change, women are no longer restricted to administrative positions in the office. Today, an administrative assistant can very well be a young man fresh out of college, which most likely would not have been the case 30-40 years ago. And as these societal standards change, the meaning of the holiday begins to change as well.

Today, companies are finding new ways to celebrate and honor their administrative team, and sometimes, that means honoring your entire staff in general, not only isolating the “thank you” to one job title. We can’t tell you how many staff appreciation breakfasts, lunches, and happy hours we are coordinating this week at Deborah Miller Catering. It’s a great way to keep the holiday’s tradition, but also modernize it to include all positions within the office.

Some of our team’s specialties during this time of year include a “Thanks a Latte” Coffee Bar - an assortment of coffees, flavorings, and toppings for that perfect afternoon pick-me-up, Customized “Thank You!” Cookies with company logos on each delicious treat, or our famous Dessert Shots – Strawberry Shortcake, Tiramisu, or Chocolate Mousse, to name a few, that are great as an individualized snack. Our daily offerings can also be ordered for a great surprise lunch or afternoon snack. Whether its a Hearty and Hot Breakfast Combo for the morning or a Make Your Own Taco Bar package for lunch, we can do pretty much anything for any time of day as a special “thank you” to your staff, both administrative and non-administrative alike. Give us a call today to start planning and set up something fabulous for your office!!

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