French Toast Popovers

My mother always told me breakfast was the most important meal of the day. It was a concept drilled into me from an early age and clearly it’s a pervasive concept throughout our country and culture. Our phones ring every afternoon with New York companies ordering breakfast catering for morning meetings, board meetings and C-level meetings. Below are three of our favorite corporate breakfast ideas for catering:

Office Breakfast Catering Idea #1:Traditional Continental Breakfast Platter

The classic continental breakfast platter ruled the corporate catering arena for decades. It was the go-to breakfast with rare exception. The traditional continental breakfast includes an assortment of freshly baked bagels, muffins, and pastries served with cream cheese, sweet cream butter and jelly. This classic assortment is still very popular and is generally offered with an urn of coffee for a caffeine jolt to propel us to lunch. For those daring to live on the wild side, fruit salad was added.

Although we love the traditional, we know that breakfast catering has more opportunity. As is our mission in life, love, and the pursuit to engage the taste buds, we want to infuse the office with creativity. At Deb’s Catering, we want to share three unique breakfast catering ideas to spark your own creativity and energize your meetings.

Mini Breakfast Egg Sandwiches

Office Breakfast Catering Idea #2: Healthy Breakfast Catering Ideas

As people become more engaged in a healthy lifestyle, we guide our clients to offer their corporate demographic more thoughtful, tasty and unusual options for breakfast catering. For those that crave comfort, we offer a slider size version of an egg and cheese sandwich. For those that are vegan, we bake our own vegan banana granola bars (a truly delicious treat!) and for our traditionalists we offer scrambled eggs, bacon and home fries.

For many New York companies, catering breakfast offers wonderful sales, educational, and team-building opportunities. For these more unique meetings, we are often asked for menu suggestions to inspire and promote thoughtful participation from employees. Our go-to breakfast menu in this scenario is our “hearty and homemade” which features homemade French toast popovers, individual yogurt parfaits and mini croissants with smoked salmon, caper butter and sliced cucumber. It offers a little of this and a little of that and takes this breakfast catering idea off the traditional grid.

Office Breakfast Catering Idea #3: Make Your Own Catering

If you want the office abuzz, we recommend featuring one of our chef-manned breakfast catering stations. Our Omelette station catering in NYC remains the ultimate crowd pleaser. Our chefs come to your office, set up an omelet station, and let employees build their own omelets that our chefs then cook to order. Want to take it truly over the top with even more exciting breakfast station ideas? Add a “Make Your Own Waffle Station” where waffles are cooked to order and you can add your own topping. Choose from freshly whipped cream, sliced strawberries, blueberry compote, chocolate chips and drizzle with fresh maple syrup.

Kraft Bag Breakfasts

Office Breakfast Catering Idea #4: Bagged Breakfast Catering

For those looking for a quick corporate breakfast idea for catering, we recommend our bagged breakfast. This is an easy and convenient way to offer your guests a creative option in a grab-and-go format. Our classic bagged breakfast is offered in a brown Kraft bag, stuffed with goodies, garnished with a colorful jolt of tissue paper. Our signature touch is raffia ribbon tied onto a classic clothespin where you can clip your business card for branding. Favorites to include in the bag are our mini hardboiled egg sandwiches. Choose from sliced hard boiled eggs, shitake mushrooms & roasted tomato aioli or sliced hardboiled egg, olive tapenade and gruyère. No bag is complete without something sweet so I recommend a banana Nutella wrap and round it off with a small bowl of fresh seasonal berries. Viola, perfection!

Check out our breakfast catering menu for more details!