Oh, May 5th. Unlike any other spring day, this specific day and the celebration surrounding it has special meaning for Mexicans and Americans alike. For Mexicans, it makes total sense – it marks the anniversary of the unexpected victory Mexicans had over the French during the Battle of Puebla in 1862. The commemoration of the battle is celebrated with parades, mainly of a military nature, and mainly in the state of Puebla versus the entire country. Mexican Independence Day, September 16th, is a much more important holiday in Mexico and much more widely celebrated.

Cinco de Mayo: The Ultimate Spring Holiday

Churros and chocolate dip

In the United States, however, Cinco de Mayo has absolutely exploded and has become almost as important of a holiday to celebrate as Memorial Day, sans the long weekend. Americans from California to New York rise to the occasion, throw on sombreros, rush to the nearest Mexican restaurants and bars, and of course, host amazing parties and office happy hours.

So why is Cinco de Mayo so popular in America anyway? Many Americans confuse the meaning of the holiday and think it’s for Mexican Independence Day. But if that’s the case, why isn’t actual Mexican Independence Day in September also a big deal? How did the anniversary of a battle that Mexicans in Mexico barely celebrate become such a big occasion here in the States?

Well, to start, Cinco de Mayo comes at an ideal time of year, right in the middle of spring. People in New York are especially eager for a reason to be outdoors enjoying the weather. Imagine celebrating Mexican Independence Day in September with the same excitement? Back to school season, chilly temperatures, it just doesn’t feel the same. But May 5th…what a perfect date and season to celebrate with the food and drink of a warmer climate.

Which brings us to our next point. Everyone wants an excuse to indulge in margaritas, tacos, and cheesy nachos, among other things. Mexican cuisine is what cravings are made of, aka not the healthiest, but everyone wants to have a reason to spoil themselves at least once before staying disciplined for the upcoming summer (if that’s actually a thing). And finally, for this year in particular, Cinco de Mayo falls on a Saturday, which provides a perfect schedule for exciting weekend plans, and also a perfect opportunity for Thursday and Friday office parties. Literally could not have better timing.

Margarita bar setup

Therefore, this week is particularly busy for the team at Deborah Miller Catering, as we plan multiple Cinco de Mayo lunches, afternoon snacks, and happy hours for our various corporate clients. With our liquor license, we can put together a fabulous margarita bar, with various flavors and tequilas, or if a client wants to keep it alcohol-free, we’ll create a delicious mock tail with a Mexican twist. We have everything from a Make Your Own Taco Bar or Nacho Bowl, to Mini Empanadas, to our signature Individual Cups of Guacamole and 5-Layer Dip with plantains and chips. And for dessert, we have classic Mexican churros, fried dough coated with sugar and served with chocolate syrup, for that delicious final touch. So if you want to throw an amazing party or afternoon snack to celebrate this fun holiday, give us a call today. We get it, and we’ll help you ace it too.