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New York Gluten-Free, Vegetarian & Vegan Catering

Are you looking to accommodate dietary restrictions as well as offer healthier catering choices to your guests at your next personal party or office meeting? Deborah Miller Catering & Events can feed all your attendees with our tasty vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free catering in NYC. From muffins to vegan wraps, vegetarian platters to gluten-free snacks, we have the menu for you with our healthy New York catering options. The team at Deborah Miller Catering & Events will provide the ideal healthy catering to make your special occasion, wedding, corporate event or conference gathering just right.

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Healthy & Diet-Friendly by Deborah Miller

See how we craft the best healthy menus in New York.
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Something for Every Body

We want everyone to love food as much as we do, which is why we offer as many options as possible for dietary restrictions, preferences, and allergies. Using cooking techniques and flavors from all over the world, we are able to offer you meals, menus, and options that are just as delicious as they are healthy. At Deborah Miller Catering & Events, we are on a mission to ensure every partygoer, wedding guest and meeting attendee has options to meet their specific dietary needs, whether they are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or just trying to eat healthier.

For those guests who do not consume animal products, you will find vegan options to fit your needs. Our vegetarian friends should know that our produce is sourced locally, and our menus are updated seasonally. For anyone with celiac disease, a gluten intolerance or a gluten sensitivity, the team at Deborah Miller Catering & Events is here to ensure you too can enjoy delicious food that keeps you feeling great. Our healthy and diet-friendly catering options are prepared with care and are able to accommodate your specific food allergies and preferences. Bring your ideas or dietary concerns to us and we will work directly with you to create the event menu you envision.

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Healthy, Diet-Friendly & Allergen-Conscious Catering

Our culinary experts at Deborah Miller Catering & Events are willing and able to accommodate any dietary preference to make your event a success. Whether you need breakfast catering, lunch catering, dinner catering or wedding catering, it is our pleasure to curate menus you and your guests can enjoy without worry. We are happy to cater full parties or simply offer menu selections free from dairy, eggs, fish, gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, shellfish and more. Deborah Miller Catering & Events is your place for vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free catering in New York City. If you are looking for the best healthy and diet-friendly catering menus, you found it!

  • Dairy-Free

    Catering that incorporates dairy includes items that contain or are cooked in milk, or food items made with milk or milk products. Examples are butter, buttermilk, casein, cheese, cream, ghee, kefir, whey and yogurt. Sometimes sauces may be finished à la minute with butter, and some breads contain milk. None of these items or practices can be used in dairy-free catering.

  • Peanut-Free

    Catering that incorporates peanuts includes all items made with peanuts or groundnuts (another name for peanuts), such as oil, flour and butter. None of these items can be used in peanut-free catering.

  • Egg-Free

    Catering that incorporates eggs includes items that contain or are cooked with eggs or egg whites. Examples are mayonnaise (as well as aïoli and remoulade), baked goods coated with an egg wash prior to cooking, pasta (unless specifically noted to be egg-free), drinks that use egg whites as a froth or foam and egg protein. Items that are breaded and fried could also have been coated in egg or in a batter containing egg. None of these items or practices can be used in egg-free catering.

  • Sesame-Free

    Catering that incorporates sesame includes all items made with or from sesame seeds. Examples are white or black sesame seeds, sesame oil, and tahini (sesame seed paste). Sesame seeds are sometimes added to bread, including bagels, hamburger buns, and crackers. Sesame oil made from the seeds could be used as a substitute for butter, as a cooking oil, and in dressings. Tahini paste is the main ingredient in hummus, and is used as a dressing in various cuisines. None of these items can be used in sesame-free catering.

  • Gluten-Free Catering

    Catering that incorporates gluten includes all items made with wheat or wheat flour, as well as other grains in the same family. Examples are bulgur, couscous, durum, einkorn, emmer or farro, freekeh, matzoh, seitan, semolina, spelt and wheat berries. Some soy sauces may contain gluten, and flour can be used as a thickening agent in soups and sauces. None of these items or practices can be used in gluten-free catering. When sourcing items, Deborah Miller Catering & Events checks to see if oats or oat products are processed in a facility that is gluten-free. Fried items that are cooked in the same oil that has been used for products containing wheat might also need to be avoided.

  • Shellfish-Free

    Catering that incorporates shellfish includes foods and items made from foods generally classified as crustaceans. Examples are crab, crawfish, langoustines, lobster, prawns, sea urchin and shrimp. In some cases, mollusks are also included in this category. Examples of those include abalone, clams, cockles, limpets, mussels, oysters, periwinkles, scallops, snails and whelks. Cephalopods may be included in this category as well. Examples of those include cuttlefish, octopus and squid. None of these items can be used in shellfish-free catering. Deborah Miller Catering & Events will inquire as to which shellfish categories your shellfish allergy falls under when designing your menu.

  • Nut-Free

    Catering that incorporates tree nuts includes all items made with nuts or nut meal, including nut-based milk, oil, flour and butter. Examples of nuts are almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, chestnuts, hazelnuts or filberts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pine nuts (pignoli), pistachios and walnuts. Some individuals with a nut allergy may also need to avoid anything containing coconut or coconut milk. None of these items can be used in nut-free catering.

  • Soy-Free

    Catering that incorporates soy includes all items made with or from soybeans. Examples are edamame, miso, natto, soy lecithin, soy oil, soy sauce, tamari, tempeh, tofu and TVP (textured vegetable protein). Soy can be used as a stabilizing agent and may be present in foods like baked goods, bread, ice cream, sauces and chocolate. None of these items or practices can be used in soy-free catering.

  • Fish-Free

    Catering that incorporates fish includes all fish with fins as well as items made with fish parts. Examples are fish oil, fish gelatin, fish sauce, imitation crab meat, surimi, Caesar salad dressing and Worcestershire sauce. None of these items can be used in fish-free catering.

  • Vegan

    A vegan does not eat any foods containing dairy, eggs, meat or seafood. They may also not want to consume honey. Therefore, our vegan menu items are free from dairy, eggs, meat and seafood, and when planning a vegan menu, the Deborah Miller Catering & Events team will inquire as to whether you and your guests do or do not consume honey.

  • Vegetarian

    A vegetarian does not eat any foods containing meat or seafood. Therefore, our vegetarian menu items are free from all meat and seafood.


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