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5 Tips for Catering a Fun Cinco de Mayo Party

5 Tips for Catering a Fun Cinco de Mayo Party with One Week’s Notice

Last week was an incredibly busy time for Deborah Miller Catering, mainly because of the busy media upfront season currently taking place in New York, but also because of the mad wave of calls we received for Mexican-themed catering at the last minute. It seemed like everyone was interested in doing something for Cinco de Mayo, especially because of the timing of the holiday this year. Since it fell on a Saturday, Thursday and Friday were jam-packed with different lunches, afternoon snacks, and cocktail parties centered around tacos and margaritas that we hosted for our clients.
Read on for our 8 tips for planning a party like this at the last minute and still making it successful!

    1. Know what to suggest to the client. – They may be familiar with the menu already or may need some assistance, but knowing the items to suggest for their event is the first step in the right direction and saves time. One client last week wanted to plan a fun Mexican lunch for 100 people. We immediately knew that doing a Make Your Own Taco Bar Station was the most filling and festive way to execute her event.
    2. Think of what can be done ahead of time. It saves the extra planning that’s needed at the actual event when there may not be the time or the space for it. One client wanted margaritas for her cocktail party last week, but did not have any room for it to be made on the spot, so we pre-made the margarita mix in order to avoid additional commotion at the actual event.


    1. Decorations! – Fun décor can add the finishing touch needed at any party. Maracas, bead necklaces, banners, streamers! All of these items were used at one of the lunches we hosted last week, and were the perfect extra pop of color needed for a Cinco de Mayo gathering.


  1. Customized Items –Sometimes, you need a little extra something aside from the food and décor that will make your event special and super authentic. Several clients wanted classic Mexican drinks like Jarritos or Mexican Coca Colas (the cute ones in the glass bottles) last week, and we had no problem sourcing these things for them. All they had to do was ask!
  2. Always suggest a dessert and non-alcoholic beverage option.–These are the items people typically think of last when planning any event, but are necessary accessories that enhance each meal. The instant our delicious churros and fun limeade were put on a menu and on a table, they were total hits and truly complimented the overall event.


As you can see, these tips aren’t only useful for a Cinco party, but for any themed event that needs to get executed ASAP. Quick turnarounds are part of the nature of the catering and event-planning business, and the team at Deborah Miller Catering does everything possible to give our clients whatever they want and make sure each event matches our clients’ vision. Here’s to the successfully planning the next themed holiday!!

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