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Keeping Cool with 5 Summery Hors D’Ouevres

Summer in New York City.Rooftop bars, trips to the Hamptons or any of the nearby shores, and casual strolls in Central Pak are some of the fun things that may come to mind. Pools of sweat while waiting for the subway and humid air that you could cut with a knife probably also ring a bell. It’s a blessing and a curse, because while New Yorkers have been waiting months for the never-ending winter to be over, the summer heat can end up being equally unbearable as well.

So,to stay as cool as possibly during these hot months, we dress lighter, crank the ACs, and of course, eat lighter too. Cue the iced coffees and midday ice cream breaks! But what if you’re out at an event and the food is not exactly on par with the season? Or let’s say you are planning a party and still want your menu to be appetizing in 85-degree weather? What’s the balance to making sure people get fed and go home happy, while noshing on food that is still crisp and refreshing?

Luckily, Deborah Miller Catering has an incredibly versatile Hors D’Ouevres Menu, created specifically for cocktail parties with creative and miniature bites that are great for various seasons. With inspirations from the Land (meat), the Sky (poultry), the Sea (seafood), and the Vine (vegetarian), there is a broad range of options for any guest or time of year. Read on for our Top 5 Hors D’Ouevres to suit a summery palette!

Homemade Gaspacho Shots with Fresh Cilantro and Cucumber – Who doesn’t love cold soup in the summer? This classic dish served with fresh cucumber and a touch of cilantro is refreshing, flavorful, and delicious at any summer event. A real no-brainer.

Korean Chicken Tacos with Pickled Daikon Radish, Red Shiso Leaves, Lime Shelf, and Roasted Garlic Aioli – Both the presentation and flavor of these mini tacos screams summertime. The lime wheel used to prop up the tacos is a colorful garnish, and the pickled radish and garlic aioli give it a fresh, Asian-inspired kick!

Tequila-Cured Salmon with Plantain Disc, Corn Avocado Salsa, and Sour Cream – Anything tequila-related makes sense from the months of May-September, and this bite is no exception. The salmon is light and crisp, and the tequila gives it a refreshing tangy taste that pairs so well with the corn avocado salsa and dollop of sour cream.

Snapper Crudo Spoons with Mediterranean Salsa and Chervil–There’s nothing like a chilled tartar, ceviche, or crudo dish during hot summer months. Each bite feels light and doesn’t weigh you down (unlike that gross humidity). Our snapper crudo is served in elegant ceramic spoons with a citrusy Mediterranean salsa that is sure to keep guests both satisfied and cool.

Pear and Blue Cheese Crostini with Sliced Pear, Gorgonzola and Chervil Pluche
– Fruit is a solid complementto any meal, especially during summertime. We incorporated pears into this delicious vegetarian option that has a mix of savory and sweet flavors and packs a lot of punch into a small bite.

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches with Fresh Baked Cookies and Decadent Ice Cream – The holy grail of summer snacks, of course. Who didn’t love Chipwich sandwiches growing up? Well, this is our pint-size version, with two delicious mini chocolate chip cookies and rich vanilla ice cream stacked in between. Can you think of a better bite to be passed around as dessert during a cocktail party? We can’t either.

Summer events are not always easy to plan, especially when half of your guests might be away and not sweating their butts off in the hot city, but hopefully this list of summertime favorites gives you some ideas for that next cocktail party. Even those picky eaters will enjoy the light and refreshing bites that Deborah Miller Catering has to offer. We’ll leave you with this last tip - enjoy the rest of the summer while it lasts! Winter coats and snow boots will unfortunately be back before we know it.

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